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 10 Tips To Prevent Tank Leakage and preserve that precious BLVK Juice!

 10 Tips To Prevent Tank Leakage and preserve that precious BLVK Juice!

Hello majesties! BLVK Unicorn has loved filling you in all the details of vaping on our BLVK blog, and we always want to make sure that our readers are gaining valuable information with each post! Today we are going to teach you some tricks on how to preserve every drop of your premium BLVK Unicorn e-liquid! We know that vaping can get messy if you aren’t careful, but even if you are the most conscious vaper, sometimes our devices work against us and leak our precious vape juice! This can be both sticky, and frustrating!

Waste vape juice can feel like wasted time, and most importantly, wasted money! But before you head out and grab yourself a new tank, keep in mind a few preventative tips that will help you get a longer life out of your tank, and BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid! With a few insider hacks, you can maintain a happy and clean, leak free tank and we are going to tell you how.

First, you want to always make sure you tank is clean! Afterall, you are putting your mouth on it and inhaling its very contents into your lungs. Make it a part of your weekly routine to really clean your device. If you are regular vaper, you probably fill up your mod several times a day. Like any well-oiled machine, build up is inevitable. By taking apart your device regularly and giving it a full clean, you can prevent the overproduction of residue, and in turn, minimize the chances of getting a leak. After a thorough cleaning, make sure to securely fasten all the parts and keep your vape sealed at all times!

When you are on the go, it easy to toss your vape device in the passengers seat, or on the counter. Take an extra moment to make sure that you sure you device remains in the upright position. When it is turned over on the side, it makes easier for juices to flow in unlikely places, causing your vape juice to leak. You always want to make sure the cap of your device stays in place, if it is off, it gives more opportunity for the juices to escape.

Now, you’ve got your device clean, capped, and in the upright position, but how is the hardware doing? By checking to make sure your coils are always functioning properly, you will be sure to eliminate the risk of malfunctioning triggering a leak! Once you are in the clear for functionality, you want to be sure that you are filling your tank properly when you are loading up a fresh batch of BLVK Unicorn’s high grade vape juice. By making sure that you don’t overfill your device with vape juice, you will greatly decrease the chances of it spilling over and out of your device.

These tips might sound like common sense when it comes to vaping, but it's easy to forget at times, especially when you are having fun and puffing those scrumptious smelling clouds!

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