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MTL or DTL which one is for you?

MTL or DTL which one is for you?


Greetings majestic unicorns and the rest of the funky fresh vape community! With mercury in retrograde, we are always told to steer clear of making big decisions. This can be a time of change and emotion and it tends to be overwhelming for most of us. BLVK blog wants to ease the mind of its readers during this seemingly difficult transition and keep the decision-making light! 


A few weeks back we talked about two of the most popular styles of vaping – “Mouth to Lung” and “Direct to Lung.” We broke down the different methods on inhalation and explained the best way to achieve them. Now, we want to dive even deeper into these two styles and help you decide which is the best method for you personally! 


As always, when it comes to the world of vape, there always a few key factors you want to focus on. With mouth to lung vaping, you will typically be operating a smaller, more portable device. Pods are highly common in the vape scene. Often, we have found that traditional smokers generally flow to the mouth to lung style, as well as the more portable and lower watt devices – because they are more like a regular cigarette. With the narrower mouthpiece, it makes it mouth to lung inhale come naturally. 


Typically, when you look at the direct to lung process, you will find that these breaths are taken easier from a higher-powered device. When you fill up your tank with some of BLVK Unicorn’s premium e-liquid, with an increased wattage, you get an increased vapor yield, which triggers a much deeper lung inhalation.  Sub-ohm coils were a later introduction into the vape scene, but since they got popular, you will see many seasoned vapers utilizing the direct to lung style with their sub-ohm devices. 

Beside your preferred device, there are a couple of other things to consider when deciding which vape style works best for you. Mouth to lung you can correlate with a higher nicotine strength and a lesser throat hit. Mouth to lung hits/devices will usually be more potent in terms of flavor as well. With your direct to lung hits/devices you will certainly project bigger clouds, with a bit less of a flavor profile. You will still achieve a powerful throat hit, but often with less nicotine!

None of these factors are set in stone when it comes mouth to lung vs. direct to lung. So, you can see – the results are never black and white when it comes to comparing the many different factors that go into your vaping hobby. BLVK Unicorn hopes that you kick back, consider the factors, and figure out which style suits you the very best!


We hope that you always choose BLVK Unicorn’s premium e-liquid to experiment and guide you on your path to finding your perfect vaping style. With so many options out there, we thank our loyal unicorns for their continued support and for diving deeper into all the details of how vaping really works!   

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