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 How to steep E-Liquid: The Guide

 How to steep E-Liquid: The Guide

Greetings BLVK Bloggers, we hope that you have been enjoying the content we are working studiously to bring you each week! Today, we are going to talk about something that will help you achieve a higher quality taste with your BLVK Unicorn premium e-juice.

When you think of the word steeping, you probably think of tea. As you know, the amount of time you steep each tea greatly impacts the overall color, and flavor of your tea – and the same can be said for vape juice! That’s right, you can steep you e-liquid. Weird concept, we know – but BLVK Unicorn is here to give you the low down on how to do it!

Now the process is not going to be exactly the same, obviously, because we are talking about taking an already liquid form and intensifying it, but the concept is generally the same. The process of steeping requires the liquid to remain concealed and in a dark place. The purpose of steeping you e-liquid is to allow for the flavor to really captivate the juice. When BLVK Unicorn creates your premium e-liquid, it is steeped, but when you continue the process on your own, you allow the flavor to gain strength. However, the same with any good tea, if you steep for too long – the flavor may become overpowering or too pungent.

Each flavor will vary on how long you want to steep it, and it will really be a matter of personal preference. If you are a vape connoisseur or just a casual user, experimenting with your e-liquid is fun. Between mixing up flavors, devices, and by manipulating the e-liquid with steeping, you can learn more about the chemical compound and attributes of your vape juice.

 A few things to remember when steeping, is that keeping the bottle sealed and in a dark area are key. We recommend starting with a smaller batch of your BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid and then over time, you can try out a sample, and decide if you want to continue the steeping process to achieve a more intense flavor profile.

Not all flavors will improve, with steeping, but the consensus says that’s the tobacco rich flavors, like BLVK Unicorn’s Cuban cigar, will require a much lengthier steep than a fruit blend. But no matter which flavor you decide to steep, each batch will react differently. The more complex of your premium e-liquid flavors will make for an interesting experiment. While certain undertones in the blends will be more prevalent, they may overpower the other tastes – that’s why we encourage you to mix it up, start small, and find out what you like and which juices you want to leave to BLVK Unicorn! Steeping is a fun, simple, way to learn and understand the entire vaping process and to really see the inner workings of how BLVK Unicorn’s premium e-liquid is perfected! We hope with these tips you are able to do your own science project and obtain your most enjoyable vape juice!

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