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How To Increase The Shelf Life Of Your BLVK Unicorn E-Liquid

How To Increase The Shelf Life Of Your BLVK Unicorn E-Liquid

It is no surprise that vaping is huge among a multitude of diverse crowds. Globally, it is on the rise and we here at BLVK Unicorn are helping supply the masses with quality liquids for your puffing pleasure! Based in Southern California, BLVK Unicorn strives to uphold its reputation in this competitive market and want to make sure the users get the most out of our products.

Today, we are discussing helpful tips on how to keep your juices flowing freshly and to guarantee the most enjoyable quality of our ingredients. There are a variety of ways to expand the shelf life of your e-liquid and to make sure your supply never dissipates! BLVK Unicorn is going to break it down for you with some basic guidelines for success with your sauce!

First and foremost, temperature is key. Whether you are on a road trip, at your favorite music festival, out for a night on the town, or just kicking back at home – it is important to make sure you store your liquid in a proper climate. Ideally a refrigerator or cooler would be the perfect location for your little bottles of joy but don’t fret, a dark closet, drawer, or a spot out of direct sunlight and heat will be just fine! 

While e-liquid has a relatively lengthy shelf life given the right environment (approximately 2-5 years) making sure your e-liquid stays at room temperature will preserve and prolong its overall expiration!

Secondly, we here at BLVK Unicorn know how giddy us vapers get about our flavors – it’s easy to get overzealous and pop a bottle mid-conversation with a friend about your new favorite taste; we are our own worst enemy with this one. But keeping your e-liquid with its original seal tight will maximize the self-life and ensure you always have the freshest backup in your stash, so next time think twice before you crack that second bottle open! 

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Have no fear my friends, if you can’t fight the urge and find yourself with too many open containers, there is a still a way to make sure you can save liveliness of your bottle. Resealing or simply re-bottling into glass or a more airtight container should do the trick! You can do this with a sticky adhesive or a small tinted bottle or airtight glass jar.

A few simple notes to always keep in mind while vaping temperature, location, limit-ability, and light exposure. It’s easy to forget any of these steps throughout our busiest days but accidentally leaving your e-liquid in your car throughout the warm work day will significantly lessen the freshness and overall quality of your juice. Making sure you fully close each bottle after use will help slow the aging process and decay caused by a variety of outside factors. BLVK Unicorn is always here to guide our faithful clientele down the path of making their vaping experience as enjoyable as possible and we hope these tips and tricks help you store, save, and smoke happily!

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