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About our BLVK Bold Line

About our BLVK Bold Line

Salutations BLVK bloggers! BLVK Unicorn is back and ready to talk more about our favorite topic in the vape community. Ourselves, of course. With tons of options for premium e-liquid out there, we are grateful that you majestic unicorns choose to vape with us, time and time again!

If you are new here, you may not know that BLVK Unicorn thrives on their ability to provide exclusive flavors of high-quality e-liquid to its users. Our brand always wants to keep it interesting. Whether you prefer tobacco or tobacco-less vape juice, we have something for everyone!

Today, we wanted to spend some time focusing on our BLVK Unicorn BOLD product line! Our bold selection caters to the tobacco smokers, and you can also get the matching flavor in the nicotine salt form! Our three flavors offered are caramel, Cuban cigar, and pistachio! Not only are these three unique blends offered in nic salt, but they are offered in 0MG, 3MG, and 6mg, nicotine strength as well!

 The flavor of each of these is very different from another. Our caramel flavor is a mix of smooth tobacco and combined tastes of rich caramel. This flavor is delicious, but not overly sweet – it has a perfect balance in every puff and the smell is out of this world! The Cuban cigar flavor is perfect for the tobacco lover. It swirls up a subtle amount of vanilla and the dark, robust, notes of a traditional Cuban cigar, making it mellow. 

BLVK Unicorn staffs personal favorite is our pistachio flavor. With notes of flue-cured tobacco and scrumptious pistachio, we added a little bit of menthol to really bring this flavor to life and a special layer of intensity! It is really an interesting combination – the flavor profile is potent, while staying in a pretty safe area for those who aren’t the biggest flavor experimenters! You can get the best of all worlds with our pistachio!

Our matching nicotine salt flavors are available in 35MG and 50MG. These high concentrated nicotine salts are not to be utilized with sub-ohm devices. These are to be used only in pod devices! We know that many of you are operating on different tools, and we want you to be able to try all these flavors, no matter what your chosen tank! 


Each vaper is different and BLVK Unicorn knows that! We encourage our fans to explore the different products we have available, to determine what they like! We are working hard to bring you premium products and appreciate the equally premium support we are receiving from you! BLVK Unicorn always wants to remind you that some of our products do contain nicotine, an addictive additive. Remember, that all our products are also offered nicotine free! If you are eager to see what the vape life is all about and put down those cigarettes, we recommend you join the BLVK Unicorn fam and find out what you really enjoy! Thank you for your continued support and for choosing to vape with us! 

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