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San Francisco Passes Ban On E-Cigarette Sales

San Francisco Passes Ban On E-Cigarette Sales


Hi BLVK Bloggers, welcome back to the latest addition of BLVK Unicorn’s very own public information station! Each week we are reaching out to our readers to teach them the latest lingo, tips, tricks, and share upcoming changes in the vape community.

As many of you know, BLVK Unicorn headquarters are in beautiful Southern California, but in this week’s news, the other side of our home state is pushing forth a ban on e-cigarettes. While the ban will not prevent users from using electronic cigarettes of their choice, San Francisco is implementing a ban on the sale. The stipulations are that if a product requires FDA approval, it will not be eligible for sale. Currently, there have not been any submissions for FDA approval from leading manufacturers.

San Francisco is usually viewed as the more open-minded city in California. With bills in motion to provide safe spaces for heroin users, it is quite shocking to see them taking such a stance against e-cigarettes. While there is currently no ban in motion for the sale of traditional cigarettes, we can only wonder why they are moving so quickly against the electronic cigarette market.

Once signed, vape distributors in San Francisco will be giving 6 months to disperse the rest of their stock. With heavy hitters in the e-cig game like JUUL being based within the very city limits of San Francisco – they are taking a stand and hoping to gain enough signatures to sway the ban and turn it over to the votes of the people. While we are not entirely sure how this will play out, it is smart for manufacturers and distributors in this area to start thinking of a back up plan. And for vapers and supporters to keep an open ear on how to contribute!

By banning the sale of products like BLVK Unicorn’s premium e-liquid and other electronic cigarettes in such a large city, its hard not to think that many traditional smokers will stray back to their old habits based on availability alone. You can walk into any corner store and purchase a pack of knowingly harmful tobacco cigarettes, and with the hustle and bustle attitude in a city like SF – e-cigs will be out of sight and out of mind with this ban. For a place that seems to try to minimize and redirect harmful addiction practices, BLVK Unicorn is shocked by this movement in San Francisco.

BLVK Unicorn can only hope that there is success with getting this ban on a ballot with the people. If you live in this area, or are just a passionate vaper, keep an eye out for how you can help or voice your opinion about bans like this, and others threatening the accessibility of electronic smoking products nationwide. Together we have created a movement and helped many with the transition to e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes, and together we will keep this movement alive. BLVK Unicorn wants to thank its loyal readers for continuing to spread the word and support our vision as vapers.

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