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The Side Effects of Vaping

The Side Effects of Vaping

Hello beautiful unicorns! Thank you for joining us here at the BLVK blog for your weekly download on all things vape! Aside from providing you with the premium e-liquid and tips for creating a better vaping experience, BLVK Unicorn wants to remind its trusted users, that we care about you too. Your health is important to us and we always to convey complete transparency when it comes to our product. We are going to discuss something a little less talked about, because we feel it is important you as consumers are aware of potential side effects associated with everyday vaping.

Whether you are a casual vaper, or you’ve given up tobacco cigarettes for a vape alternative, you should still be knowledgeable about some of the possible impacts that vaping can cause. Depending on the type of vape juice you choose, the symptoms may vary. Some of the more intense e-liquids can cause chest pains, mouth sores, gum bleeding, heart palpitations, nausea and more.

As you might know, BLVK Unicorn is very open about their ingredients and after surveys, Propylene glycol, one of our two main ingredients – seems to have some pretty mellow side effects, comparatively! Some of the symptoms from PG inhalation can include fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth/eyes, throat irritation, and headaches. Because of its chemical compound, propylene glycol has been determined to cause dehydration, which is a known trigger for the listed side effects.

That brings us to our next and main ingredient, Vegetable glycerin. The side effects of vaping VG have reportedly included coughing, dry mouth/nose, sore throat, and possible increased thirst. Again, dehydration can be common among vapers, especially those using VG/PG dominant e-liquids, like BLVK Unicorn’s. We always want to remind our readers; not matter what brand of e-liquid you choose – STAY HYDRATED! This is very important and is easily overlooked among vapers and can minimize your chances of discomfort while vaping!

It can’t be all bad though, right?! Vaping can also instill some positive changes in your body. After research and reading over some online studies, it has been determined that there are changes when switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping. Some bright changes included decreased coughing, better breath, better taste/smell, and, the most important – BETTER BREATHING! Combined with an increase in fitness stamina and overall health, there are a lot of positive side effects associated with vaping too.

We can’t say we know it all about the long-term side effects correlated to vaping just yet, but what we do know is it is significantly less than the long-term effects related to extended cigarette use, and that’s a start! BLVK Unicorn remains dedicated to the people and providing you with the highest-grade premium e-liquid. We encourage you to do your own research, listen to your own body, and to always decide what feels right for yourself! By sharing this information, we hope that our readers feel more educated about vaping. If you’ve been thinking about making the transition to a healthier alternative than tobacco cigarettes, we hope that this helped!

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