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Vaping poolside? Better read these tips!

Vaping poolside? Better read these tips!

The BLVK blog is thrilled with the response we have had from our readers. We hope that you have been enjoying. With the weather changing and the heat rising we want to make sure you are still getting the most out your BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid. 

Summer is the best season of them all, we know! The heat of the sun, the smell of the suntan lotion, and of course, endless pool days! We know our BLVK bloggers love to vape by the pool and soak up the sun. BLVK Unicorn wants to make sure you are taking the right steps to make sure you don’t damage your device while you are splashing around! We want to make sure you can always enjoy your vape while you are doing any activity, safely! 

Leaving your vape on the side table with your towel is the safest option to protect your device to the splashes. Obviously, you want to float while you are puffing your premium BLVK Unicorn e-liquid. Our UNICIG is always a great option since its disposable, small, and inexpensive in case of any accidents! You wont have to worry too much about protecting it. 

But if you can’t refrain from, get yourself a floating tray to keep it at arm’s length. You want to protect your premium e-liquid from too much sun exposure, so keeping it under an umbrella and out of direct sunlight or in your cooler will keep it safe. You might jump out of the pool and grab your device, so keeping a towel handy will prevent you from accidentally getting it wet. Utilize your time and pass off your vape to your friends who are tanning – filling up your mod while in the water can be risky! Be mindful of the water exposure and dry off before you start handling your mod, and make sure not to get any water on your coils when you are going for a refill.

If you don’t have access to a floating tray just for your vape, you can always use your cup holder on your raft, as long as your friends don’t tip you over – you should be safe. You can be innovative in how you cover your premium BLVK Unicorn e-liquid, throw a hat over it or a sundress.  

Aside from keeping your products safe, you can also enhance your experience by vaping some of the delicious fruity flavors offered by BLVK Unicorn! Match a flavor with your favorite cocktail and sit back and relax.  This can add some magic to your floating, as well as your companies. What is better than a big cloud of scented of vapor on a pool day. 

Our BLVK blog readers love to adventure and we hope that with these tips you can enjoy your BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid on any summer day! We are so thankful for your continued support and loyalty. Enjoy the summer season, and share these helpful tips with your vaping friends, so they can join you in the summer sun! 

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