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How The Vape Industry Has Evolved Over Time

How The Vape Industry Has Evolved Over Time


Evolution is inevitable. Whether you are talking about plants, humans, or trends – they all evolve at their own speed. The vape industry has progressed at a pretty impressive speed over the years. With about 15 years under its belt, dating back to 2004, e-cigs and products like BLVK Unicorns premium e-liquid have gained catalytic momentum. 


Today we wanted to share with our BLVK bloggers some of the history of the changes and evolution our industry. Initially, the birth of the e-cig was strictly for flameless, ash less, smaller devices. Predominantly shaped like a traditional cigarette, these light weight, rechargeable devices were desirable to many. 

Once these e-cigs became popular, ideas started flowing on how brands could create their own style of e-cig. Many started developing larger, refillable devices – paving the way for brands like BLVK Unicorn to shine with their premium e-liquid, useable in a variety of mods! BLVK Unicorn has even created its very own disposable UNICIG. With advancements in battery life, shelf life of BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid, and availability, has allowed the vape industry to continually expand. In this day and age, no matter what your chosen vaping style, there are tons of options available to you for on the go vaping – right down to clear tanks and portable kits!

Of course, like any good thing, the vape market has faced many challenges. As some e-liquid and many e-cigs include nicotine, age restriction has been and will continue to be a massive hurtle. Leading vape juice brands like BLVK Unicorn have strict guidelines in place to ensure products cannot be accessed by underage users. From age verification, to packaging, BLVK Unicorn takes age into account. As long as we continue to do our best to not target minors, or tempt them with our products, we can at least maintain some level of security.

As we gear up to warn off upcoming regulations, it is hard to predict which direction the market will go, but it surely has made its mark. According to Reuters Health, approximately 10.8 million Americans are utilizing electronic cigarettes. Additionally, total tobacco sales have had a 6.9% decrease. We cannot grant all the credit to the vape community, but there is no denying that e-cigs are helped many find their peace in separating from traditional cigarettes!

BLVK Unicorn is honored to be a part of this ever-changing industry and it has been a blessing to watch it come to fruition over the years. BLVK Unicorn hopes that we can continue to supply the masses with our premium e-liquid and one of a kind flavors for generations to come. With so many political changes surrounding vaping, it will be interesting to see how things play out for California based companies like BLVK Unicorn. One thing we know for sure is we will continue to work hard to deliver our faithful unicorns the best products available to them and to shed light on the undiscussed, behind the scene topics, among the industry weekly with our BLVK blog!

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