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The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

Hello our beautiful unicorns! BLVK Unicorn is back to discuss one of the most misguided topics within our massive vape community – what is the main difference between vaping and smoking cigarettes? While we know consistent debate over time is if vaping is healthier than smoking cigarettes, the common misconception is the similarity of both vices. Aside from that, we’ve dug deep into the conversations about differences in price, milligrams, and general chemical makeup, but we haven’t really dived into the deeper parts of what really sets the two apart.

The mechanics seem simple when you are knowledgeable about both inhalation methods but to the new or non-smoker, they might not be so quick to recognize where they differ. First, lets talk about your typical tobacco cigarette – lit with an open flame from matches, or a lighter. When you look at a common vape device, you will notice right off the bat that no true flame is lit, you are operating on a battery with coils that are heated electronically.

When you light up a cigarette on an open flame, you are creating smoke whereas when you are using your electronic smoking device, you are creating vapor. That is the big mix up when you compare the two – most are quick to think the smoke and the vapor are the same, while both containing nicotine, we know they are composed differently, as well as lit in two totally unique ways, obviously creating their own kind of exhalable haze. Additionally, you know that if you want to enjoy another smoke, you must light up a new cigarette – while as with vaping, your mod or e-cig is good for multiple uses!


A few other key factors that play into separating these activities, in my opinion, is the difference in ingredients. We know that traditional cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals and additives. And while we are not advocating that vaping is the healthier route, we do know that vape juice and e-cigs are more straightforward and transparent is disclosing information about their components.

It really is apples and oranges when you look at the Venn diagram of smoking vs. vaping. Both sharing a few keys similarities, in the sense that they are both potentially habit forming, they are both ingested in the same way, contain nicotine, and are exhaled. The true trial and tribulation? The final product. When you have been surrounded by both smoking and vaping, it is easier to understand how these are so dissimilar. Each giving off a distinct smell and taste that are so unalike.

BLVK Unicorn hopes to have cleared the air on the often-indistinguishable comparison of smoking vs. vaping! For some, they may never take the time to explore the world of vaping because they think it is just a new age way of smoking but BLVK Unicorn is always eager to spread knowledge and information in hopes of persuading those long time tobacco users to branch out and discover a more enjoyable, majestic, “smoking” experience!

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