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 New Flavor Alert: VNLA Nic Salt

 New Flavor Alert: VNLA Nic Salt


Hello readers and friends! Thank you for tuning into another addition of the BLVK blog. We hope that you have been enjoying learning and exploring the vape world with us over the last weeks. We’ve had some exciting new releases and we just wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our very favorite products! 


You know BLVK Unicorn gets its praise for our premium e-liquids and our brand specific flavors. Our VNLA custard nicotine salt e-liquid is as delicious as they come! Seasoned vapors and newbies can experience the tastiness of this dessert flavor, offered in both 35MG and 50MG nicotine strengths! 


Of course, no dessert is complete without the elements of vanilla. In this blend BLVK Unicorn combines the sweet vanilla flavor and adds in the delights of creamy custard. This bold flavor does not only taste like a little slice of heaven, but it smells like one too! 

This unique blend can pair greatly with some of our other nicotine salt flavors too. So, if you are in for a sweet treat, grab yourself a bottle of BLVK Unicorn’s finest VNLA custard nic salt and get your pod ready – this one is sure to please.

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